Improving HIV Patient Follow-up in Liberia through Client-Level Electronic Data Management



Since its inception in the 1990s, the HIV program in Liberia has relied on paper-based registers and forms, at times varying by health facility, for their data management. The unharmonized, paper-based system limited access to the quality data needed to facilitate granular data analysis and use for improved service provision. To address the challenges in data quality, EpiC partnered with the National AIDS and STI Control Program (NACP) in Liberia to implement the DHIS2 Tracker client-level data system to record and report HIV client information in 21 PEPFAR treatment sites. Since the successful implementation, HIV data quality in the PEPFAR-supported facilities has improved significantly allowing for more granular data analysis, insights, and use for individual follow-up and targeted interventions.

The server for the Tracker has been migrated from EpiC to the Ministry of Health server to facilitate ownership, management, use and sustainability for improved HIV programs and services in the country. The success of EpiC’s Tracker implementation has inspired the Liberian Ministry of Health and the Department of Defense to adopt the Tracker for HIV data management in other non-PEPFAR-supported facilities throughout the country. Epic supports DHIS2 Trackers in 19 countries globally.

Read the full story on the DHIS2 website here.

Featured photo: DHIS2 training led by EpiC staff for the data entry clerks during the implementation phase. (Photo Credit: EpiC Liberia)  

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